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Troubleshooting projects

Let's look at some basic troubleshooting steps for when your projects won't load!

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About troubleshooting projects

It's rare that you'll face issues with your projects, but here are some beginning troubleshooting steps!

Project or template not loading

If your project isn't loading, it may be a couple of different things:

1) The size of your project: Projects with a lot of screens will lead to the platform slowing down. Here's how you can fix this:

  • You could divide your project into several smaller projects (as the issue itself is being caused by the size of your project).

  • You could copy/paste some screens from your project to a newly created project and interlink them together. For that you'd need:

    • Generate a shareable link to your project. Find out how to do it by clicking here.

    • Link components to URLs of other projects as instructed in this article.

2) Internet connection: Please double-check that you have a strong internet connection.

3) The configuration of your browser: Try these simple troubleshooting steps!

If you find that it isn't any of these issues, you can try duplicating your project and see if the issue persists:

1) Go to the Projects' page:

2) Click on the three vertical dots () on the upper right-hand side of the project you want to duplicate and click ‘Duplicate':

3) Try to access your project once more.

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