Troubleshooting exports
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About troubleshooting exports

While this is quite rare, it's possible to come across a problem every now and then when exporting your project.

We're here to help you with troubleshooting the most common problems! Let's take a look at these magical fixes 🙌

Fixing a stuck export

If you can't download an export, one of the most immediate fixes is to try duplicating your project and exporting the duplicated project!

Here's how you can do this:

1) Go to the Projects' page:

2) Click on the three vertical dots () on the upper right-hand side of the project you want to duplicate and click ‘Duplicate':

3) Export the duplicated project 👍

Exporting or downloading a project with a large number of screens

If you're trying to export a project that has a large number of screens (100 or more), this project is bigger than currently supported by our export feature at this time.

This is something we are working to improve in the future 🌟

But with every issue, we have a workaround. Here's how you can work around this:

1) You could divide your project into several smaller projects (as the issue itself is being caused by the size of your project).
2) You could copy/paste some screens from your project to a newly created project and interlink them together. For that you'd need:

  • Generate a shareable link to your project. Find out how to do it by clicking here.

  • Link components to URLs of other projects as instructed in this article.

Changing export resolution

There isn't a way to change the resolution of the export at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience!

This is something our Product Team is aware of and working to improve in the future.

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