Prior to reaching out to us, please check our troubleshooting basics, as your answer may be found in our pre-answered guide.

  • First, make sure that you have a reliable and stable internet connection.

As Uizard is a web-based platform and is currently not available offline, the performance and speed of Uizard are highly dependent on the quality of your internet connection.

Some of the common problems that may be experienced from a bad internet connection are slow uploads, seeing highly pixelated and low-resolution images, and lags in scrolling, zooming, and real-time collaboration.

  • Check your browser version.

Even though Uizard is built to work in most modern web browsers, it may not be working as it should in some versions. For that reason, we recommend always using Uizard on the latest available stable version of your web browser.

  • Make sure that you upload correctly.

Use the correct file types and file sizes, and follow the sketching guidelines. Following these is like speaking the language that our AI speaks. If it understands your input well, its output will be optimized to the best one possible.

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