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Submitting a bug report
Submitting a bug report

Have you noticed a potential bug? If yes, report it by following the instructions provided in this article!

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About bugs

The Uizard Team is constantly working on resolving any pesky bugs, which may appear in specific circumstances 🐛

However, it might be a case that you've discovered a bug we haven't heard about yet. If you believe that's exactly what might have happened to you, please skim through this guide to find instructions on how to submit a bug report and what to do before report submission.

Submitting a bug report

1) Check our troubleshooting guide to be sure that the bug experienced is not related to your device or browser's local configurations;

2) If after following the troubleshooting guide, the bug persists, drop us a line at and add the following information:

  • Screen recording ( can be used for that) or screenshots of the bug experienced and instructions on how to replicate that from our side;

  • Your prototype's URL;

  • Name of your browser and its version used;

  • Your device's operational system version.

3) Give us some time to get back to you. We'll do our best to check on the situation and fix the bug reported ASAP 🚀

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