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Troubleshooting screens

If your screens have disappeared, find the most common solution in this article!

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About troubleshooting Screens

Have your screens suddenly disappeared in your project and all you're left with is a blank screen in your editor that looks like this? Is your design not showing in the dashboard?

No worries, let's see if we can use a magic spell to find them โœจ

Finding screens

One of the most common issues, when screens go missing, is that the screens are outside of your viewport. Simply put, you may have accidentally navigated too far away from your screens to see them ๐Ÿ‘

There are two different ways to get this resolved and to see if this happened in your project:

From the "Go back to content" dialogue:

1) If you scroll too far away, a dialogue button will pop up that asks if you want to "Go back to content." Click this button:

From the "Screens" menu:

1) Click "Screens" in the right-hand menu:

2) Find your screen(s) on the menu that pops up at the bottom of the screen:

3) Once you've clicked it, it will redirect you to the position within the editor where your screen(s) are!

Screens are completely gone

If the above troubleshooting didn't work and your screens are completely gone from your project, please attempt the below steps:

1) Double-check that you're logged into the right account and that you're on the right project.

2) Make sure that you're in the right organization if you have multiple.

3) If you're sure that you're in the right organization and project and your screens have disappeared, reach out to us at to investigate further and see if we can help restore your project or troubleshoot further ๐ŸŒŸ

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