Troubleshooting previews
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About troubleshooting previews

Previews are essential to sharing and viewing your interactive project!

If you're facing any difficulties or issues with your project preview, you've come to the right place! Let's take a look at some common troubleshooting steps 🤩

Preview is blank

If you find that your preview is blank, the most common reason is that your home screen is set to a blank screen! Follow along below to see how to fix this 👇

Preview starts on wrong screen

If you find that your preview is starting on the wrong screen, this is because the screen in question has been set as the home screen.

Here is how you can change the home screen:

1) Select a screen you want to set as a home screen and right-click on it with your mouse.

2) Choose the 'Set as home screen' option:

Components are missing

If you're experiencing issues with certain elements not appearing in preview mode, it's possible that one of the components is set to 'sticky' while another component that is positioned nearby is not.
​Please troubleshoot this issue by following the steps:

1) Click on the components that are not visible in preview mode, as well as any overlapping components, and verify that none of them (or all of them) are set to be 'sticky'.

2) To locate the 'sticky' setting, select a component that is not visible in preview mode and follow the instructions provided in the screenshot below:

In case any of the components are set to be 'sticky' while the components nearby have this setting disabled, this may be the root cause of the issue.

Preview screen size is not as designed

If you find that your screen size in the preview is not the same as what you designed, this may be because you made your screen length larger than the default size, which in turn made your screen scrollable.

If you want your entire design to be on the screen rather than scrollable, you'll need to change the size back to the default and adjust your design.

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