Managing organizations and teams

Learn how to manage your Uizard organization, invite new team members, and set their roles and permissions

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About organizations and teams

This guide is dedicated to all basic details and instructions on creating and managing your organization and team members' permissions in Uizard.

An ‘Organization’ is a workplace for you and your team in Uizard:

  • When creating an organization, you create a private workspace where you and your teammates can collaborate.

  • Within an organization, you can have multiple projects that are viewable and/or editable (depending on permissions) only by your team members.

Find an organization you own (or you're invited to as a teammate), by following the instructions provided in the screenshot below:

Creating an organization

1) On the Uizard home page, click on your selected organization name on the left-hand side menu:

2) Click on the 'Create Organization' button:

3) Enter your organization's name and click on the 'Create' button:

Managing your organization's settings

You can find all available Uizard organization settings as follows:

1) Go to the 'Organization settings' page by following the instructions provided in the screenshot below:

2) Test out uploading your organization's logo and/or changing the organization's name:

Choosing roles and permissions for an organization

Team members' roles within the organization

To start with organization-wide roles, you can assign a user as an owner, an admin, or a member.

  • An owner can invite team members to the organization and edit all the settings of the organization.

  • An admin can only invite team members to the organization, but not edit the settings of the organization.

  • A member, albeit having access to the projects within the organization, has no permission to invite team members or edit the settings of the organization.




Accessing all organization's projects (except private ones)

Inviting new team members to the organization

Only if a 'Creator' seat is assigned

Editing all organization's settings

Edit organization billing (contact details, payments, etc.)

Remove organization

Team members' roles within the projects

For editing capabilities within your projects, you can assign a particular user either as a viewer or a creator.

  • A creator can view, create, edit, delete projects, write comments, and upload sketches and images.

  • A viewer can only view projects and write comments.

Has access to




View project

Add comments

Handoff & export

Invite team members to the project

Create projects

Edit or remove components in projects

Create interactions

Publish/unpublish, share link &/or embedding projects

Access to organization, billing, and subscription details

Assigning roles and permissions for team members

1) To assign roles and permissions for your organization, click on 'Team':

2) Click on the three dots () beside a team member's name or email, and then assign the roles according to your needs:

Inviting a team member to an organization

1) To invite someone to be part of your organization in Uizard, click on 'Team' on the left-hand side menu:

2) Click 'Add new team member':

3) Write the email(s) of the teammate(s) you want to invite and assign the roles of the invited members. Finally, click the 'Invite members' button:

4) The invited teammates have to accept the invitation and create an account in Uizard (if they don't already have one). Once that's done, they are fully ready to collaborate with you on your project (or organization as a whole) 🚀

Allowing users signing up with the same domain to join your organization

If you have a lot of teammates who are looking to join your organization, you can make it even easier!

Owners/Admins of an organization can set it up so that users with the same email domain can join. Here's how:

1) Click into your organization's settings:

2) Toggle on the 'Allowed email domains' switch:

3) Anyone with the same domain that wants to join will have to complete the regular sign-up flow and verify their email. Then they will be able to see a list of organizations with the same domain that they can join:

Removing a member from an organization

1) To remove a member from your organization, click on 'Team' on the left-hand side menu:

2) Click on the three dots () beside the name or the email of the user you want to remove, then click 'Remove member':

3) Confirm the teammate's removal by clicking the 'Delete' button:

Collaborating live within Uizard

Uizard has a live multiplayer collaboration feature, which empowers you to collaborate with your teammates in real-time.

You can ideate, design, and collaborate in the same file simultaneously, just like in Google Docs 🚀

Please note, you must be a creator within someone's organization to be able to make edits and changes. There isn't a granular access option.

Upgrading your organization to a Pro/Business plan

Lastly, it's time to evaluate which Uizard subscription is needed for you and your team.

In order to make a well-informed decision, we'd highly recommend reviewing this guide. There you'll be able to familiarise yourself with all the Uizard subscriptions and the pricing 🙌

If you decide to proceed with an upgrade to a Pro or Business plan, you can do it as follows:

1) Go to 'Organization Settings' and click on 'Billing':

2) Click on 'Upgrade to Pro' or 'Upgrade to Business' according to your needs. If you prefer to have a monthly Pro subscription, please make sure that you toggle off the 'Billed $144 yearly' before clicking the 'Upgrade to Pro' button:

3) Choose the 'Creator seats' (teammates who will edit projects within your organization) number.

If you prefer saving some money and you're planning to use Uizard for the long term - make sure to choose the annual subscription option 🚀

4) Enter your credit/debit card details and click 'Subscribe':

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