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Resetting a password

Have you forgotten your password? Reset it in no time by checking this article!

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About password resets

Forgetting a password you set a while ago happens! In this article, you'll learn how to reset your Uizard account password with a few easy and magic clicks of your mouse 🧙

Resetting a password

1) To reset your password, go to the Uizard log-in page.

2) Click on ‘Forgot Password?’:

3) Type your email address in and click on the ‘Reset Password' button:

4) You will receive a reset link through your given email, where you'll simply need to click on the 'Reset password' button and enter your new password:

I didn't get the password recovery letter

If you haven't received the password recovery email in your inbox (after following the instructions provided in the previous sections of this article), please follow these steps:

  1. Check your spam folder, as the email might have been mistakenly flagged as spam.

  2. Verify if you signed up using Google or Microsoft social login methods. If you used one of these login options, you will not receive a password recovery email:

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