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Do you have questions? Don't worry, we've got the answers in our crystal ball ๐Ÿ”ฎ

See the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions down below. If a feature isn't yet available or you have feedback for us, make sure to check out our Feature Request FAQ down below.

Feature Requests & Feedback

What should I do if the feature I'm looking for isn't available or if I have feedback?

We're constantly working to improve our platform to better suit your needs!

If a feature you're wanting or that's mentioned below isn't available, you can submit feedback or a feature request! That way, we can add a vote to that feature for you ๐Ÿ™Œ

Here's how you can do so:

1) Click the question mark in the bottom-right corner and then click "Submit feedback/ Request Feature"

2) Fill out the form with what you're wanting to be added so we can add a vote for you for that feature!

3) We'll keep you updated if we add that feature or change it!

Alternatively, you can also message support@uizard.io and we'll be happy to look into it!

I have feedback on what an AI feature has generated

That's wonderful that you'd like to share feedback on what one of our AI features has generated. We're always working on improvements!

Here's how you can share feedback after you've generated something with AI:

1) A pop-up dialog will show up with "Yes" or "No." Choose which best suits your feedback:

2) Enter in any further feedback you'd like to share and then hit "Submit":

Account and Platform Settings

Can I change the keyboard bindings/shortcuts?

There isn't a way to update the keyboard binding settings or shortcuts at this time.

What is the list of keyboard shortcuts?

Please keep in mind that on Macs, you would choose CMD and on other PCs, it would be CTRL.

Here are common shortcuts you can use:

Select all: CMD/CTRL + A

Copy: CMD/CTRL + C

Paste: CMD/CTRL + V

Undo: CMD/CTRL + Z

Delete: After you've selected something, you can hit the Delete or backspace key to delete it

Add New screen: N

Zoom out: CMD/CTRL + "-"

Zoom in: CMD/CTRL + "-"

Open Interact Menu: 2

Open Comments: 3

Switch to navigation mode: 4

Handoff Mode menu: 5

Bold: After selecting a text box, CMD/CTRL + B

Italics: After selecting a text box, CMD/CTRL + I

Underline: After selecting a text box, CMD/CTRL + U

The system thinks I'm a bot, how can I fix this?

If the system isn't letting you complete an action or invite someone and is flagging you as a bot, this is the message you will see "Our system detected that your browser might be a bot."

Please double-check that to see if you:

1) If you have any firewalls, if so make sure to turn it off or update the settings.

2) If you are using a VPN, make sure to turn it off.

3) If you have any browser extensions turned on, attempt to turn them off or pause them.

Once you have done so, attempt the action once again.

Components & Design

Can I hide the design menu? The design pop-up is in the way.

Yes! You should be able to close out the design menu by clicking the "x" in the right-hand corner of the Design menu.

Is there a ruler/grid or a way to get the padding and margin sizes?

There isn't a ruler or a way to get the padding and margin sizes at this time. However, we're working to improve our platform! Additionally, we do not have a grid or Bootstrap grids.

Is there a logo design feature?

Currently, we don't have a specific feature that helps you with designing a logo; however, that doesn't mean that you can't attempt to use all of our features and shapes to create one! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Is there a way to free-transform components?

There isn't a way to transform or skew images/components at this time. But we're always looking to improve!


Are there any Google Maps integrations?

Unfortunately not! There are no Google Maps integrations at this time.

Can I have access to the Uizard API?

At this time, we are not able to provide API access.

Are there integrations with Squarespace or Shopify?

There are no integrations with Squarespace or Shopify at this time.

Are there click statistics for those who view my prototypes?

There isn't a click statistic for button clicks or forms available at this time; however, we're always looking for ways to improve!

Is there a Zapier integration?

Unfortunately, there isn't a Zapier integration at this time.

Is there a Flutterflow integration?

There isn't a Flutter integration at this time. Uizard is focused on the design aspect of websites and apps.

Is there a Balsamiq integration?

There isn't a direct integration with Balsamiq; however, you should be able to export your project and import it into Balsamiq depending on the file type that they support.


Who owns the Intellectual Property/copyright or has ownership rights for my project?

All content, prompts, and information belong solely to the users (Uizard doesn't take any ownership of intellectual property created by our users). You're free to use your projects as you like ๐ŸŒŸ

Can I connect a back-end or database to my project?

Since Uizard is a design tool, there isn't a way to create a fully functional website or app at this time. As such, there is no way to integrate or connect a database or store data through Uizard.

You would need to find a developer to help you add logic to your design.

Can I use Uizard and edit my projects on an iPad or mobile device?

Uizard does not officially support using the platform on an iPad or mobile device at this time. You may have limited functionalities, so it's recommended to use Uizard on a laptop or PC.

Can I see how many AI generations I have left?

It's not possible to see how many AI generations you've used or have left with Autodesigner, Screenshot Scanner, Wireframe Scanner, etc. Please rest assured that you receive more generations each month.

How can I get rid of the 'Welcome to Uizard' pop-up?

To get rid of the Welcome to Uizard pop-up, you'd simply need to complete the tasks on the list and it will disappear.

Can I import HTML, CSS, JS, XAML, or other code files?

Unfortunately, you can't import code or coding files at this time.


Can I publish my design as a fully functional website or app or make a live website?

Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to take the mock-up or prototype and launch/deploy a fully functional website or app on the platform. As such, you would not be able to publish to something like the Play Store, App Store, or a hosting site.
๏ปฟTo give you more context, Uizard is an intuitive platform that enables you to create stunning and interactive mock-ups and prototypes of websites and apps, all without needing any prior experience with complex design tools! ๐ŸŒŸ

While Uizard simplifies the visual design process, it does not encompass full functionality or coding capabilities.

Consequently, many users seek developers to implement logic into their designs as the next step.

While we don't have an in-house team to help with this, we have curated a group of highly-vetted, expert freelancers to help you with the different services (development, design, user research, et al) you may need during or after using Uizard to help with this.

Get help now from Uizard Certified Experts by visiting this link!

Does Uizard offer domain options?

No. At this time, it's not possible to create a fully functional website or app using Uizard. As such, there are no domain or hosting options.

Can I publish my design or project to WordPress?

It's not currently possible to publish or host your design on a CMS site, such as WordPress. Please also see "Can I publish my design as a fully functional website/app?"

Do you have a team at Uizard that can help me design my project or add functionality?

While we don't have an in-house team to assist with this, we have curated a group of highly vetted, expert freelancers to help you!

Discover Uizard Certified Experts who specialize in coding, user research, design sprints, branding, and a plethora of other services!

For further details, explore the available experts using this link and find the perfect fit for your needs ๐ŸŒŸ


Can I work at Uizard?

As Uizard grows rapidly (15x growth last year ๐Ÿš€) we may have some job openings you might be interested in!
๏ปฟYou can find all the job opportunities we offer by using this link ๐Ÿ‘

By the way, if we donโ€™t have any current openings that match your profile, you can always send an unsolicited application to career@uizard.io with the following subject format: '<Intern/Part-time/Full-time>: <Position> Application' ๐Ÿ˜Š

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes, there is an affiliate program! If you want to collaborate with us and earn a commission, you can apply and learn more information about our affiliate program by following this link:

Are there any partnerships?

Uizards are big fans of collaboration!

If you want to partner with us, send us a short introduction of yourself, your company, and your vision for the partnership at partnerships@uizard.io.

Does Uizard have support options in other languages?

Uizard Support is only offered in English at this time. Additionally, there isn't a way to have a multi-language feature.

Does Uizard offer white labeling?

We don't offer white labeling at this time.

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