This is a short article directed towards step-by-step instructions on how to cancel your Uizard Pro subscription in no time.

Addditionally, we'll elaborate on what happens to your existing projects if Uizard Pro subscription is canceled 🚀


How do I cancel my Uizard Pro subscription?

1) Go to 'Organization Settings' and click on 'Billing':


2) Click 'Manage billing in Stripe':


3) Click 'Update plan':

4) Find 'Free' subscription and click 'Continue':

4) Confirm your final decision to cancel your subscription by clicking on 'Confirm' button.

⚠️ Your subscription will be canceled immediately after completing this step, so make sure to double-check if all Uizard Pro features are no longer needed! ⚠️

What happens to my projects if I cancel Uizard Pro subscription?

After canceling Uizard Pro subscription, your organization is back to a Free subscription, which limits your organization to a maximum of 3 projects and 10 screens in each of them.

Therefore, only the first three projects and up to 10 screens in each of them will be accessible after Uizard Pro cancelation.

It's important to note that none of your projects (or screens) get deleted - they'll simply be 'blurred' and no longer accessible to be viewed or edited.

However, if you ever decide to renew Uizard Pro subscription, you'll be able to regain full access to view/edit all of the projects you had before the subscription's cancelation 🚀

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