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Using a promo code

Do you have a promo code you'd like to use? We'd be glad to walk you through how to use them!

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About using promo codes

Utilizing a promo code for savings is a breeze once you have one in hand.

In this article, we'll guide you through the process of applying your promo code during your subscription upgrade ✨

Entering a promo code

1) Login and go to the 'Organization Settings' and click on 'Billing':

2) Ensure that you toggle the blue 'Billed $144 yearly' option on or off depending on the terms of your promo code. Next, click on 'Upgrade to pro':

3) Choose the 'creator seats' number and paste (or enter) your promo code:

⚠️ It's important to note that only one creator seat is included under your promo code! Extra creator seats cost additional unless explicitly stated with your promo code terms⚠️

4) Enter your credit/debit card details:

5) Finally, click 'Subscribe':

*Please note that if you already have an active Pro subscription, you'll need to reach out to Support to look into the possibility of helping you add a discount code.

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