Managing component templates

Learn how to utilize component templates to make repetitive components usage swift and easy

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About component templates

In this guide, we'll cover all essential information about component template management in Uizard.

What is a component template? A 'Component Template' is a set of components grouped together and saved for easy access.

By default, Uizard has 100+ component templates that you can use to speed up your workflow. On top of this, you are also able to create your own component templates.

For example, take a look at the article card template below:


Creating a component template

1) Select the component group you'd like to make as a re-usable component template and click the 'Save template' button:

2) Enter your component template name:

3) Add tags relevant to your component template: you can use template tags as keywords to describe your template. These template tags are used to categorize your templates and make them easier for you to find:

4) Click the 'Save template' button:

Using a component template

1) Get started by clicking 'Template' on the left-side menu and select the type of templates you want to use.

The templates you have created yourself are filed under the 'Saved templates' section, whilst Uizard pre-made component templates are filed under the 'All Templates' section:

2) Drag and drop the component template toward your desired position on a screen.

Deleting a component template

You can delete component templates that you have created in Uizard as follows:

1) Click 'Template' on the left-side menu and choose 'Saved templates':

2) Click on the three dots () on the upper right-hand side of the template you want to delete:

3) Click 'Delete':

4) Click the 'Delete' button to confirm your component template's deletion:

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