Adding shapes

Learn all about how to use 'Shapes' to build larger components

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About shapes

In this guide, you'll learn how to use one of the Uizard component types - 'Shapes'.

What is a shape? In Uizard, a 'Shape' is a container for a set of components.

Ideally, it is used to group individual components (for example, images and text) to make a larger component:


Inserting a shape

1) Click 'Shape' on the left-side menu:

2) Find the 'Shape' you want by using the search or scrolling through the 'Shapes' options. Finally, drag & drop it on your prototype:

Rounding the edges of a shape

If you'd like to round the edges of a shape, this can be achieved by following similar steps as above!

Here's how you can do this with the in-line toolbar:

1) Click on the card or shape in your project and then click the 'Style' button on the in-line toolbar:

2) Click 'Rounded' or 'Soft' depending on your design needs:

Here's how you can do this with the 'Design' menu:

1) Click the card or shape on your project and then the "Design" button on the right-hand menu:

2) Find the "Radius" section and either drag the slider or input the number here for the desired effect:

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