In this guide, you'll get to know one of the Uizard component types - 'Text'.

If you've just started prototyping with Uizard - it's an amazing article to skim through to understand 'Text' adding and styling specifics better 👏


How do I insert texts into my project?

When in 'Build' mode, you should be able to add text from the top menu. Simply click 'Text' and drag and drop a text component to your project:

How do I edit texts in my project?

1) Double-click the text component;

2) Replace it with your own text and/or edit the styling of the text in the right-hand menu (see video below):

How do I change text alignments?

1) Click on the text you want to re-align;

2) Choose your desired alignment (left, center, right, or justified) on the right-hand menu:


How can I hyperlink my texts?

Uizard automatically recognizes links so when you add links in standard form (HTTPS or www) in your text fields, they will be clickable on the 'Preview mode' 🚀

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