Guide to 'Images' in Uizard
Upload images from your computer or free stock photos library and rapidly customise them for your use
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Images are one of the key elements of any project's design. In this guide, you'll be able to explore the basics of image uploading, sizing, positioning, and much more😊


How do I upload an image/logo to my Uizard project?

1) To use your photos in your Uizard project, simply click on 'Image' on the left-hand menu:

2) Click 'My computer' and 'Upload image' icon:

3) Your uploaded image will then be ready to be dragged and dropped to your project:

What's the maximum file size for image uploads on Uizard?

Most images, regardless of file size, can be uploaded within Uizard as long as they are in JPG, PNG, or HEIC file types.

However, if you experience an error when uploading, try scaling your image upload to less than 4096px x 4096px. Additionally, it would also help if you make sure it’s less than 16MB.

How do I customize the image position?

To customize the image position in its container:

1) Double-click on the image.

2) Left-click and drag an image to the desired position:

Does Uizard have integration with a stock photo website?

Absolutely! Uizard has integration with Unsplash, which provides you with millions of beautiful, stock-free images and photos that you can download and use for your project 🚀

To use Unsplash photos in your Uizard project, proceed as follows:

1) Click 'Image' on the left-hand menu:

2) Select 'Unsplash' and find the images you want by using the custom search or browsing through the categories proposed:

3) Drag & drop a selected image on your project:

What should I do if I cannot upload/see images?

Most commonly, this issue stems from the 'Wireframe mode' being on, which results in a low-fidelity wireframe being shown. Low-fidelity wireframes don't have 'Image' components, therefore, if you want to upload or view images on your project, you need to make sure that the 'Wireframe mode' is turned off.

You can turn off the 'Wireframe mode' as follows:

1) Go to your project and click 'Magic' on the left-hand menu. Afterward, choose the 'Wireframe mode' option:

2) Turn off the 'Wireframe mode' by clicking on the switch outlined in the screenshot below:

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