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Using icons

Benefit from the hundreds of custom icons designed for your prototype

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About icons

In this guide, you'll get to know one of the Uizard component types - 'Icons'.

What is an icon? In Uizard, an 'Icon' is a component type serving the purpose of a graphic representation of a functionality, concept, specific entity, or the application itself.

Most commonly, the 'Icons' are used as buttons or regular graphic images.

Inserting an icon

1) Click 'Icon' on the left-hand menu:

2) Find the 'Icon' you want by using a search or browsing through the categories menu and drag & drop it on your project:

Importing custom icons

You can import custom icons by using our Brand Kit feature! Learn all about it by going to this article.

Receiving 'Icon is multicolor' error

If you're receiving an error where your Icon is multicolor, please note that icons must be one uniform color throughout.

It may be that the icon file that you imported has multiple colors. Once it has been adjusted to the same color, the error will resolve ๐Ÿ‘


Can I crop icons?

Currently, you cannot change the crop of icons.

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