In this guide, you'll get to know one of the Uizard component types - 'Icons'.

If you've just started prototyping with Uizard - it's an amazing article to skim through to understand 'Icons' styling specifics better 👏


What is an 'Icon'?

In Uizard, an 'Icon' is a component type serving the purpose of a graphical representation of a functionality, concept, a specific entity, or the application itself.

Most commonly, the 'Icons' are used as buttons or regular graphical images.

How can I insert an 'Icon' into my project?

1) Click 'Icon' on the top menu:


2) Find an 'Icon' needed by using a search or browsing through the categories menu and drag & drop it on your project:

How can I import my custom 'Icons' library?

Currently, importing your custom icons library is not possible. It's a highly requested feature by our users, so it might be a case that in the future it'll be introduced to the platform 🚀

Stay updated with the changes/updates within Uizard platform by following Product Updates 🤩

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