Convenient navigation within your project is one of the most crucial features in a way of achieving success with your project prototyping.

Bearing in mind the importance of this feature, we've done everything in our power to make the navigation as smooth as possible and will cover everything about that in detail in this guide 👏


How can I zoom in/out on my project?

If you want to zoom within your project, simply use:

A) The zoom percentage option at the bottom of the screen:

B) Typical 'pinch-to-zoom' functionality, by touching two fingers on the touch screen or touchpad and moving them apart to zoom out, or together to zoom in;

C) 'Cmd' or 'Ctrl' and '+' or '-' on your keyboard as shortcuts.

How can I easily navigate within my project?

There are two ways to navigate within your projects:

A) Using a mouse (Hold spacebar + mouse left-click + drag the mouse cursor)

For this to work, your cursor must be on the black or white background, rather than on one of the screens:

B) Using touchscreen/trackpad

For some computers, you can use two fingers to swipe on your trackpad or touchscreen, which will make the canvas scroll in the direction desired.

What's the best way to jump from one screen to another?

To quickly go to a specific screen, simply click on the screen you want to jump to on the left-hand menu:

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