In this guide, we'll cover all the most popular screen editing functionalities. It's a wonderful guide to skim through, especially if you've just started using Uizard! 🚀


What is a 'Screen'?

A 'Screen' more technically referred to as an 'Artboard', is the frame in which you create your user interface designs:


How do I create a new screen?

In Uizard, screens may be created either by generating them from hand-drawn wireframes or by creating them completely from scratch.

You can do it as follows:

1) Go to your project and click 'Add new screen' on the left-hand menu:


2) Choose whether you want to create it from scratch or generate it from your hand-drawn sketch:


How do I rename a screen?

You'd simply need to double-click on the screen name, either on the name field above the screen or on the left-hand menu:

How do I set the home screen?

The home screen is a starting point of your projects when you enter the 'Preview mode', which is why it's important to know that you can always change your home screen as follows:

1) Select a screen you want to set as a home screen and right-click on it with your mouse;

2) Choose 'Set as the home screen' option:

How do I rearrange screens in a project?

To reorder screens, simply select them one-by-one with a left click of your mouse and drag and drop them to your desired arrangement of the canvas:

How do I duplicate a screen?

1) Select the screen you want to duplicate with your mouse left click;

2) Use the standard shortcuts for copy-paste:

Copy - 'Cmd' or 'Ctrl' + 'C'

Paste - 'Cmd' or 'Ctrl' + 'V'

Alternatively, you can right-click your mouse whilst the screen you want to duplicate is selected and choose the 'Copy' option. Afterward, right-click with your mouse anywhere on the canvas and click 'Paste':

How do I delete a screen?

1) Select the screen you want to delete with the left click of your mouse;

2) Right-click your mouse whilst the screen you want to delete is selected and choose the 'Delete' option (or simply click 'Delete' or 'Backspace' on your keyboard):

What are the dimensions of the project screens?

Uizard uses standard dimensions. For mobile projects, this is 375x667 pixels, for tablet projects, it is 768 x 1024 pixels and for desktops, it is 1440x900 pixels.

How can I make my screens scroll?

1) Select a screen you want to be scrollable (with a left-click of your mouse);

2) Pull down the lower handle to prolong the screen.

Prolonged screens will automatically be scrollable when viewed in 'Preview mode':

How do I show or hide device frames?

1) Click on the 'Settings' icon:

2) You can then choose whether to show device frames or hide device frames by clicking on the switch marked in the screenshot below:

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