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Getting Started
Getting started: Video tutorials
Getting started: Video tutorials

Are you wanting a step-by-step guide to starting in Uizard? Take a look at our video tutorials.

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Getting Started

Getting started can feel a little daunting, but don't worry! Using Uizard is easy, fun, and simple to use!

Take a look at our video tutorials below or take a look at our Uizard Youtube channel.

We have everything you need to get started and to jump into your magical journey of creating a website or app mock-up ✨

Sign-up and Onboarding

A walkthrough on signing up and the first steps once you join!

Uizard for Beginners

A quick guide showing our features and how to get started on your project right away!

Using Screenshot Scanner

Learn how to bring your app idea to life with a screenshot!

Using Wireframe Scanner

This guide will show you the magic of going from a sketch to a digital wireframe.

Using Autodesigner

Wondering how to harness the magic of AI to create a starting point from a simple text prompt? We have you covered!

Not only can you generate a project, but we'll show you how to create new screens, generate a theme, and more in this walkthrough:

Setting up interactions

Learn all about adding interactions to your project so you can share an interactive preview.

Previewing your project

If you're unsure of how to preview your interactive project, we have you covered in this helpful step-by-step video!

Sharing your project

Keen on sharing your project with your colleagues or friends? We'll show you how to do that in this video!

Collaborating in projects

If you want to collaborate with your team, here's a great video for you! We make it easy for real-time collaboration and editing projects with your colleagues.

Using images

We'll help you get the hang of using images within your project in no time at all with this helpful video guide.

We'll show you how to upload images and even use AI to create new ones!

Using components in Uizard

In this helpful video, we'll teach you all about using Uizard components for your project!

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