There's a low likelihood that your uploaded hand-drawn wireframe wasn't transformed as expected.

Luckily, it's nothing to worry about! Let's look at how to fix it up in a few minutes 🚀


Why is my wireframe transformation not accurate?

Most commonly, the wireframe transformation is inaccurate due to not following sketching rules, accordingly to which, Uizard AI recognizes various shapes, texts, and other components.

To make sure your wireframe is transformed as accurately as possible, make sure to follow Uizard wireframe sketching guidelines.

Some of my components have been wrongly identified, how can I fix it?

It might be a case that even after following the sketching guidelines some components weren't transformed as expected anyway.

In such cases, we'd recommend adjusting these components (or adding missing components) simply by editing them manually.

You can learn all about how to add/edit all kinds of Uizard components by skimming through the 'Component types' and 'Managing components' articles! 💪

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