In this guide, we'll cover all essential information about component templates management in Uizard.

You'll definitely find this article highly valuable if you're working on multiple projects (or one big project) and noticed that you repetitively use the same set(s) of components 💡


What is a 'Component Template'?

A 'Component Template' is a larger component made of smaller components grouped together and saved for easy access.

By default, Uizard has 100+ component templates that you can use to speed up your workflow. On top of this, you are also able to create your own component templates.

For example, take a look at the article card template below:


How do I create a component template?

1) Select the component group you'd like to make as a re-usable component template;

2) Click 'Create template' on the lower right-hand side of the screen:


3) Enter your component template name:


4) Add tags (it's optional) and click 'Create template' to confirm component template creation.

Important note about tags: when you create component templates, you can use template tags as keywords to describe your template. These template tags are used to categorize your templates and make them easier for you to find:

How do I use a component template?

1) Get started by clicking 'Template' on the top menu:


2) Drag and drop the component template towards your desired position on a screen.

The templates you have created are filed under 'My templates', whilst Uizard pre-made component templates are filed under 'Uizard Templates' section:

How do I delete a component template?

You can delete component templates that you have created in Uizard as follows:

1) Click 'Template' on the top menu:


2) Click on the three dots () on the upper right-hand side of the template you want to delete:

3) Click 'Delete':

4) Click 'Delete' button to confirm your component template's deletion:


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