It's been a while, but we're back with another great set of new features, as well as, significant improvements and bug fixes released by our Product Team πŸš€

Check all the amazing updates we have for this week by skimming through the overview below πŸ‘‡

Overview of updates

πŸš€ New features

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πŸ› Bugs fixed

  • Tablet projects cannot be shared;

  • Escape-keyboard shortcut in some modals isn't working;

  • Interactions get misplaced at a certain zoom level;

  • Text components getting unresponsive under certain circumstances;

  • The wrong notifications count is displayed on the top-right corner notifications icon;

  • Inconsistent behavior of all the properties saving/editing in the design system (previously called 'theme') editor.

🀩 Improvements implemented

  • Significantly improved components placed in multiple layers editing experience;

  • Improved platform's speed performance – especially project overviews and the project editor;

  • Started caching images in image manager, so they do not need to load each time it is opened.

πŸš€ Ability to make the component's size automatically adjust accordingly to the text volume

The fit-to-text option is now released. For elements that have the fit-to-text option set, the size of the component will be dictated by the content (the text) volume. It will resize dynamically as you type:

πŸš€ Ability to change the style of individual words or letters within the text component

It’s now possible to make individual words or letters in a text component bold, italic, and underline by using keyboard shortcuts (CTRL/CMD + B/I/U). There’s no UI in the right-hand menu for this functionality at the moment, but it will be coming in the near future:

πŸš€ Images uploading by drag and drop method

It’s now possible to upload images simply by dragging and dropping them into the canvas, which was one of the most requested features! 🀩

These images will upload as content and their original ratios will be preserved:

πŸš€ Quick start controls after adding a new screen

When a new screen is added, we’ll now show quick start controls, which will enable users to insert templates or scan their hand-drawn wireframes with a few clicks:

πŸš€ Ability to manage all billing through Stripe Customer Portal

The Stripe Customer Portal has been integrated into the platform in order to enhance all billing-related account details management. One of the most important benefits of the new portal integration is the ability to add/edit billing information (address and more) and VAT information without contacting our Support Team πŸ‘

That's all for this week!

If you checked out all the updates, then kudos to you, and thank you for being an engaged Uizard user - we appreciate you! We look forward to bringing you more updates in the coming weeks πŸ™Œ

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