This week the Product Team focused on the enhancement of general user experience and continuous improvements of the Uizard platform's stability.

We truly believe that even small updates have a big impact, so let's look into this week's updates, shall we? 🚀

Overview of updates

🐛 Bugs fixed

  • Duplication of large projects;

  • All uploaded images get hidden when removing one;

  • Snapping Guidelines malfunctioning and/or instability;

  • The cursor starts jumping when editing screen names in the sidebar;

  • Inconsistent behavior of moving in the canvas by spacebar and mouse in 'Interact mode';

  • Project settings not being persisted;

  • Unselecting comment threads don't work consistently.

🤩 Improvements implemented

  • Improved canvas movement while dragging elements;

  • Performance improvements of Snapping Guidelines

    That's all for this week!

    If you checked out all the updates, then kudos to you, and thank you for being an engaged Uizard user - we appreciate you! We look forward to bringing you more updates in the coming weeks 🙌

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