This is a guide on how to best manage your team within Uizard.


An organization is a workplace for you and your team in Uizard. When creating an organization, you create a private workspace where you and your teammates can collaborate.

In Uizard, you can leverage organizations for your different departments. Each organization can then contain multiple projects and multiple themes that are viewable and/or editable (depending on permissions) by the team members within that organization.


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Roles and permissions

You can assign roles and permissions within Uizard to ensure the balance of collaboration and control within your organization.

You can assign a user as either an owner, an admin, or a member.

  • An owner can invite team members to the organization and edit the settings of the organization.

  • An admin can only invite team members to the organization, but not edit the settings of the organization.

  • A member, albeit having access to the projects within the organization, has no permission to invite team members and edit the settings of the organization.

For editing capabilities within your projects, you can assign a user as either a viewer or a creator.

  • A creator can view, create, edit, delete projects and themes, write comments, and upload sketches and images.

  • A viewer can only view projects and themes and write comments.

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Privacy settings

Privacy settings are controls available within Uizard that allow users to limit who can access specific projects. Projects can either be set as public or private.


Projects that are made public are available to all team members within an organization.

Projects that are made private are only available to the project owner.

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With the above-mentioned tips and tricks for organizing your teams, assigning roles and permissions, and setting up privacy settings, you are now ready to collaborate with your team in Uizard!

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