One of the earliest steps when founding a startup is validating a concept by building a prototype.

It's extremely important to build and manage your product yourself in the early stages, as this, in itself, is a process that makes you learn and understand your product more.

Apart from that, it can also get pretty difficult and frustrating to find the right freelancer or agency that can truly transform your ideas into reality, especially if you still have a lot of tentative variables.

But what if you're not a very technical person? Does that take out building a prototype yourself out of the equation?

With Uizard at your disposal, the answer is no. As a matter of fact, if you can use Keynote or Powerpoint, you can use Uizard.

The following steps will enable you to transform your startup idea into reality and validate your concept with less effort and less time.

1. Invite collaborators

If you are co-founding your startup with more people, go ahead and invite them to your organization. This way, you'll all be able to express your ideas and collaborate in real-time to write comments, share feedback, and iterate.


2. Drag and drop components and templates

You are now ready to start building your project in Uizard.

You can choose a project template to start with for speed and inspiration, or you can build from scratch.


In Uizard, you always have a growing list of components and component templates at your disposal, which you can simply drag and drop to take your app or website further.


Here's a link to everything you need to know about component templates. Apart from the pre-made ones, you can also create your own component templates if you feel like you'll be using a group of components repeatedly within your app or website.

If you instead want to focus on the skeleton of your app or website, you can turn on Wireframe mode. Working in low-fidelity disregards styles, fonts, and other design variables so you can figure out whether or not your app or website is able to communicate what you want it to.


3. Create a theme manually or automatically

When you've got your content and UX in place, it's time to elevate your app or website with a theme!

There are many ways to create a theme in Uizard. You can create a theme manually or automatically from any inspiration, such as mood boards, images, screenshots, URLs, or even Sketch files.


When you generate a theme automatically, you get colors, typographies, styles, and components from your upload.

What's more, is that you can actually create multiple themes, and check out how they would look on your app or website, in only a few clicks! This way, you're really able to experiment, and even adapt different styles for further testing.

4. Link screens together in Interact mode

When you're ready, you can use Uizard's Interact mode to link screens together and come up with an actual prototype for your web or mobile application.

This is especially useful if you want to demonstrate a clickable prototype that would resemble an actual application.


If you want, you can also use hotspot hints to guide your users where to click, or customize transition animations and durations to heighten your product even further!

5. Share your prototype, and gather feedback!

When you're satisfied with how your prototype looks and are ready to show it, you can generate a shareable link that's accessible to anyone who has the link.


Additionally, anyone who has access to this link can comment on your prototype, so you can accordingly iterate!

This suggested workflow really gives you the chance to get something to test as quickly as possible, thus enabling you to understand your product better. Adopt it, or customize it to your own case to make the best out of the platform!

It's not going to be perfect in the first few iterations; that's why it's important to be quick in tweaking the product along the way, so you can come up with a fresh iteration for testing. Even when you've launched, customer development doesn't cease, so you would have to develop and iterate regularly.

All these steps help to have a quicker and easier implementation process.

With Uizard as your design assistant, the great ideas and fresh insights that you will encounter as a founder are only a few clicks away from reality!

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